An Idea for 2016

Let’s wish for employee happiness, growth and more happy customers next year. Ultimately, business can be a force for social good. I want to suggest an interesting idea to my current and past customers:  to develop “.org” landing page and showcase how you give back to the community. This would be a great way to empower your CSR teams, as well your millennial workforce. Your nonprofit customers would be thrilled.

Whether you are a Salesforce partner or run a cool startup, here’s an opportunity to institutionalize “giving” much like has done by highlighting their foundation and nonprofit solutions using the “.org” domain. Salesforce has an entire organization driving this effort. and are doing the same.

For the last several years, I’ve helped in my own small way and benefited as a customer and consultant using Salesforce’s resources. Keep up the great work, Salesforce!

[12/23/2015 email]




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