The Quest

Justin Kan founded Twitch and sold it to Amazon. He runs a great podcast called The Quest. This episode resonated with Cameron Yarbrough, Co-founder of, who talks about his life and startup journey. I helped Torch as they grew their Customer Success program post-Y-Combinator.

I believe human-to-human coaching, counseling, and leadership development are critical for anyone eager to succeed in these uncertain times. There is excessive stress in everyone’s lives. The most significant gap I see in executive leadership, whether coming from the government or the private sector, is recognizing the fundamental need for mental healthcare. There is maximum effort to address Covid-19 and all kinds of physical health issues. Some people are incredibly resilient, like Cameron and Justin. Most people are not. Many employers have stepped up, but more can be done. Companies show they care by offering services like Torch and BetterHelp to struggling workers.

More creative ways are needed to help people connect their hearts and minds so they can reach their potential.

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