Pivot Podcast with Amy Klobuchar

Prof G and Kara Swisher run one of the best podcasts for tech folks. I liked their recent interview with Senator Klobuchar. Too many government officials don’t understand the unchecked dominance of the tech industry at the expense of consumers like you and me. Senator Klobuchar gets it.

Some industry leaders, such as Apple, are willing to compromise and protect consumers. Apple recently rolled out a new app tracking transparency feature in its software update — enabling the majority of its users to opt out of sharing their data with third-party developers.

Can the U.S. Government follow Apple and states like Virginia to pass new regulations to protect American consumers and small businesses without reducing the growth potential of a tech-based economy? Is it possible for the U.S. tech industry to dial back its monopoly power for the sake of a better society like what Klobuchar envisions?

This book and podcast deserve your time on your next vacation: link