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Integrated medicine

MD Anderson (MDA) leaves no rocks unturned. Specialists study cancer full time and embrace mind-body connection when treating patients. MDA offers a world-class integrated medicine program which includes Eastern perspectives and teachings. The mind needs treatment just like the body. Talks by gurus like…

Relationship $

We spend our lives improving performance @work, but do less to enhance our relationships in the workplace. Good article here. Great work alone doesn’t speak for itself. Agree with Carla Harris that relationship currency accelerates professional advancement as much as performance. Some companies get…

Redefining ‘Diversity in Tech’

I co-hosted a dialogue recently sponsored by Net Impact. Our group at the Table4Twelve program was diverse and represented a decent cross-section of who works in tech. Yet, I left feeling uneasy. As someone who’s benefited from my ’model minority-ness’, I continue to ask…

Marketing and Politics

Doing the Enough Thing

Canadian Shane Parrish has a great blog focused on self-improvement. FS published an insightful interview with Jason Fried, founder of Basecamp. I’ve used the Basecamp project management tool. It works. A red stapler is no longer required. 😉 The best part is knowing…

Dying for a paycheck

The Economist’s article No job is worth sacrificing one’s life for. Let the horses run but choose to become mindful instead. Here’s another book recommendation: Link

The Rise of Conscious Capitalism

I’ve met many leaders and founders of companies. The leader of a company sets the tone for social impact. The companies which care the most are the ones driven to make a difference. The companies created by selfish leaders eventually wilt or get sold….