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Surviving in an Amazon world

How one segment of brick-and-mortar is surviving e-commerce…Great film by Axios. Retail survives when it invests and becomes a space for the community.

Shakespeare and Company

The famous bookstore in Paris is 100 years old. I was there when it turned 99. Will it make it to its 200th birthday? Will there be enough bookworms to preserve it throughout this century? There’s something to be said about the largest e-commerce…

The Boss

If you grew up listening to Bruce Springsteen, this movie is for you…

The Empty Chair

The empty chair mantra has caught on at many companies starting with Amazon. Jeff Bezos alludes to the customer who needs representation, so the idea is to keep an empty chair in every meeting. What if the empty chair also became a civic lesson…

“Losing is winning”

It’s ok to lose some competitions. Every battle is not worth fighting for. I’ve seen a recent spate of successful people pass away well before their time, not from accidents, but from illnesses like cancer. Almost all were fierce competitors who led stressful lives….

Podcast: Innovating for Greater Social Impact

Podcast hosted by SocialImpact CX. Here’s John Corrigan’s conversation with Ann Mei Chang, author of Lean Impact.    


A culture of empathy makes Japan a bit more frictionless than most countries. Omoiyari or empathy is a minimal expectation, not something which needs to be taught or enforced.