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Kudos to …

Voxility for unplugging tech companies promoting hate. This is ’Customer Success for Good.’ Link

Four Keys to Understand Japanese Culture

A recent talk shared by entrepreneur friend Ted Katagi in Tokyo. Good tips for anyone who’s new to Japan or has a desire to live there.

Kustomer Relationship Management

Recently discovered a new CRM. There are many support tools in the marketplace. Reminds me of the year 2000. Of course, I blogged about it. The tools are beginning to look the same. Salesforce is the market leader just like Siebel once was in…

I’ve been passionate about skills-based volunteering throughout my career. Seattle-based democracyLab plays match-maker with their solution to address social, economic, environmental and civic problems; a good place to post projects and volunteer your time. Link

Universal Family Care

Nearly everyone I know is tasked with caring for an elder family member. Hawaii and Washington have passed legislation to help their residents. This bipartisan concern deserves national attention. Link Not surprisingly, Japan leads the way in tech for eldercare.

Oncora Medical

The startup Oncora Medical helps track existing patient data at MD Anderson for clinical decision support. Incredible user insights have been achieved through a myriad of cloud technologies over the past three decades. Yet, healthcare data has been difficult to parse. Enjoyed seeing this…

Doing the Enough Thing

Canadian Shane Parrish has a great blog focused on self-improvement. FS published an insightful interview with Jason Fried, founder of Basecamp. I’ve used the Basecamp project management tool. It works. A red stapler is no longer required. 😉 The best part is knowing…