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Doing the Enough Thing

Canadian Shane Parrish has a great blog focused on self-improvement. FS published an insightful interview with Jason Fried, founder of Basecamp. I’ve used the Basecamp project management tool. It works. A red stapler is no longer required. 😉 The best part is knowing…

Text 510-674-1414

What if you had text-based access to peer counselors as issues came up at work? Work-related dilemmas often surface by texting. I recently learned about Empower Work, an independent nonprofit that offers text-based coaching. Free coaching is now available at your fingertips. There are…

The Rise of Conscious Capitalism

I’ve met many leaders and founders of companies. The leader of a company sets the tone for social impact. The companies which care the most are the ones driven to make a difference. The companies created by selfish leaders eventually wilt or get sold….


Nifty travel and expense management solution built on Salesforce Try it out: Link

Techstars Seattle

Geekwire article: Link “Seattle leaders have done a good job of saying, ‘we need to do stuff to make this city a great place to live for everyone and not just a great place to make money.’ I think that’s an underreported narrative about…

Helping, Hustling, and Harvesting

There are three attributes I really admire amongst my entrepreneur friends. Helping, hustling, and harvesting — move the needle for me. #1 They are always helping even while selling. Helpers make the world go around. They volunteer and do things without asking. Helpers build…

Popular Certs in Tech Industry

I get asked a lot about tech careers. An industry focus remains essential while acquiring tech skills. You don’t want to become good at something you don’t enjoy, so make sure that your skills contribute to an industry which excites you. Blog about it….