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Big oil = Big problem

Houston’s ”holy grail” is the oil and gas industry(O&G). It’s a shame that this industry is slow to change. They can’t find young workers. O&G has plenty of resources to become accelerators of alternative energy. Houston oil execs are not the dumbest guys on…

Net Impact Seattle HH

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2/28 Workshop for CSR, Social Impact, and CS/CX professionals

Meet changemakers in this exciting SF workshop. Touchpoint mapping allows your org to visualize and improve experiences of sponsors, partners, recipients, and employees. Codesign for Social Impact When: Thu. Feb. 28 6:00-8:30 pm Where: WeWork, 1161 Mission, San Francisco, CA 94103 Who: Service Designers, CX/CS…

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Social Impact of Startups

The Founder Institute (FI) is an idea-stage accelerator to launch startups. I was part of its batch back in 2011. FI has achieved a handful of successful exits such as Udemy. FI chapters can be found in most of the world’s largest cities. There’s…

From Tree to Shoe

“People don’t buy sustainability, they buy great products,“ according to Allbirds co-founder Tim Brown. Allbirds began 4 years ago on Kickstarter with intentions to make a comfortable shoe using wool. Allbirds recently introduced shoes made from eucalyptus trees and sugar cane. It’s a certified…

Conscious capitalist

Conscious capitalism became a movement in the last 10 years. It gained popular recognition as a book aptly written by entrepreneur John Mackey (Whole Foods) and academic Raj Sisodia. Whole Foods rode the wave of good corporate citizenship and eventually got acquired by Amazon….