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Takeaways from DF 19

Salesforce is doing well as one of the safest platform bets for enterprise-scale companies. The CEO truly cares about making the world a better place. Dreamforce is not a safe place for the Dr. Evils of the world in their pursuit of growth at…

The Empty Chair

The empty chair mantra has caught on at many companies starting with Amazon. Jeff Bezos alludes to the customer who needs representation, so the idea is to keep an empty chair in every meeting. What if the empty chair also became a civic lesson…

Salesforce Sustainability Cloud

Salesforce is giving core customers opportunities to make the world a better place by adopting solutions like Sustainability Cloud. As a technology consultant I wonder if there will be enough demand (without global mandates) to implement these solutions.

Inspire CX

Good podcast from Jeanne Bliss about Customer Experience at Inspire, a clean energy startup. Interview with Michael Bair    

Saving High Speed Rail

If you are always on the go, yet like to connect with people the old fashioned way, trains offer serendipity through communal dining spaces. I’ve had cool experiences on trains across Japan, India, Canada, and Europe while making a few friends along the way….

Big oil = Big problem

Houston’s ”holy grail” is the oil and gas industry(O&G). It’s a shame that this industry is slow to change. They can’t find young workers. O&G has plenty of resources to become accelerators of alternative energy. Houston oil execs are not the dumbest guys on…

Net Impact Seattle HH

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