India rising

India is my ancestral homeland. I just returned from there, uncovering North and South India. I took in a French-Indian version of it called Auroville, brought together by spiritual gurus. The capstone of my trip was spending a week at Freshdesk’s office in Chennai. I found incredible energy and optimism across India. Perhaps, it’s coming from India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ability to spur business confidence with can-do political skills. Definitely something is in the air among the thousands of tech entrepreneurs unleashing their talent. Many are forgoing traditional jobs with behemoths such as TCS, Accenture or Bharti Airtel. This new generation is willing to take on risks for a better future, not just for themselves but also for the world.

Quality of life is improving, although the roads are difficult to navigate. Air pollution is making everyone sick. It’s unthinkable to go for a jog in the middle of the city. If you are not in the booming tech or entrepreneurial sectors, India provides a hardscrabble life for its elderly pensioners and 500 million poor.

These kinds of problems are getting noticed, especially among Young India. Awareness is spreading. Young India has overcome impossible problems in the last 10 years.  Everything is being measured. India version 10.0 is a significant improvement over version 1.0. Future versions will get better. There’s no holding back in this virtuous cycle of improvement.

Version control is being managed by India’s print media. Newspapers have been a bright spot in bringing the nation along amidst its scourge of corruption. One of the key voices has been screenwriter and journalist Chetan Bhagat who shares what Young India wants in this primer if you are trying to figure it out (like me).

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