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6/20/2019 – World Refugee Day in Seattle

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The enemy is fear



Dreampitch is a cool event at Dreamforce ’18. Salesforce has enabled a lot of users on its trailhead training website. It’s fun to see what kinds of businesses are getting built on the Salesforce platform. All kinds of tangible jobs get created from scratch. This disintermediation is…

Technology and transparency across the Supply chain

Everything produced should be tracked. Everything tracked should be certified to meet ethical standards. No rock should be left unturned. Much progress has been made thanks to citizen journalists and activists like China Labor Watch. Here’s a big data problem that should be solved with…

Happy Diwali


Take Scoop

Scoop is an automated carpooling service for Bay Area commuters. It’s not that easy getting ‘scooped’ given that the number of eager riders far exceeds available drivers. It works occasionally and will make your life easier.  Link

Nobel what?

In this age of narcissistic self-indulgence, Bob Dylan preserves himself unlike anyone else in his shoes. Thinking different (link) and becoming who you really are — is the ultimate brand-building exercise for a lifelong contrarian. Nobel what?