Japanese wisdom applied to customer success. The journey never ends.

1. kanso 簡素 – Simplicity through decluttering.

2. seijaku 静寂 – Find meaning and stillness in the midst of everyday hustle. Customers seek purpose beyond products.

3. datsuzoku 脱俗 –  Breaking from convention can result in greater focus. Finding a balance between seeking new ways and accepting old trends. Customers like to try new things, but not all at once.

4. koko 考古 – Add something only if it has a functional purpose and fills a specific need. Customers are pragmatic.

5. shizen 自然 – Naturally occurring and authentic presentation. Customers want proven products.

6. yugen 幽玄 – Mystery without words, choose subtlety over directness.  The best way to stand out is to become the best rather than to declare you are the best.


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