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Bay area VC Tomasz Tunguz has become a key voice in the SaaS world. He is also a prolific blogger. He wrote the following blog post:

I couldn’t agree more from a business marketing standpoint. Relevant attention-grabbing content matters more than ever…when you have something to sell. You better get your point across in a minute or less. Readers might stick around to read other articles. Only the most purpose-driven folks like Tomasz will grab and engage an audience. His style is worth emulating. After all,  the tech babble spin-cycle is 24×7 and you are competing with millions of others.

It’s cool that Social has taken over the world, but at some point it becomes overkill. Too many folks just blog, tweet or write stuff on Medium or LinkedIn at all hours of the night. Usually it’s a requirement for their jobs. They may not love what they do.

However, what you read and write becomes truly reflective of who you are. And if you only write catchy marketing content 24×7, you might become someone you aren’t.

I decided to blend ‘my life’ into my tech world. This is why I created this independent blog….so that I don’t lose myself or my core values. The next time someone asks me about my life…they can just read my blog.

I promise that this won’t be another sales pitch or TV commercial.