One-stop shop

Salesforce is becoming a one-stop shop with improved reporting capabilities. BI has become one of its strengths now.

Side note:

Lots of tiny SaaS companies are trying to sell to enterprise. They might not have an enterprise-grade product, but Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, or another player will pick up the pieces from these startups when the market cools down.

Salesforce became a BI company by acquiring startup Edgespring a couple years ago.

I expect this trend to continue. Startups like Edgespring are built to ‘sell’, not last. This makes sense because shifting to the enterprise market is really hard.

There’s an imperative to join or become a one-stop shop as fast as possible so it will be easier to absorb automation, machine learning and other means to simplify the customer experience through technology.

Bottom line for entrepreneurs: it’s better to sell before the target  market disappears altogether, especially if you have bills to pay. Check your analytics frequently! Too much churn means it’s time to sell.