Philosophy of technology 

There were courses you took back in college to offset a heavy schedule. Some were creampuff seminars, but a few stood out. This new documentary hearkens back to that time when the “why” mattered much more than the “what” as you sat in those lectures and improved your grades. 🙂 

The Internet was born in 1969. At age 47, it’s become Generation X. Yet, it’s  being picked up fastest among the youngest and oldest generations. The Internet as the Savior would be the world’s fastest growing religion. 

This film portends a world where tech can be a really bad thing, but this should not be the case if we harness it properly (i.e., artificial intelligence, IoT, robotics). Technology can lock us into our earthly nihilism or help us push inter-galactic boundaries. I believe in expanding outward and support Elon Musk’s push to colonize Mars (among the dozens of topics covered here ). 

This is my take. What technology needs most is “purpose evangelism,” not just “informercialism.” Will we become slaves to our technology masters (link)? Or will we master these technologies and escape the perils of idiocracy (link)? We just need to frequently ask the question “why” as we embark on new technology quests to make the world a better place.

This film re-awakens the college student in all of us.


@Berkeley Shattuck Cinema


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