STEM vs pipe dream

I grew up idealizing tennis stars and thought I would succeed like Andre Agassi. That dream didn’t happen as planned. Fortunately, I was able to find a career that bridged interests like technology and social impact. Sports and music are lifelong hobbies that can flourish. I’ll never leave my tennis game behind.

The greatest opportunities in America can be found in STEM careers. There’s an overwhelming fear that America will lose its edge by allowing immigration. The lowest hanging fruit for American youth is STEM education. The rest of the world wants to come here and take advantage of these opportunities. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Becoming a pro athlete, supermodel or rock star is a pipe dream. Too much time is spent selling these dreams to our youth. Athletes like John Urschel are leaving behind the limelight for exciting science careers. We need more STEM MVPs like him. The ad below is timely.

John Urschel article