Apple and Salesforce forged an amazing partnership just before this year’s Dreamforce.


Expect a major impact if you are a mobile business user like me:

* The Salesforce mobile app will absorb Apple features like Siri and Business Chat.

* Salesforce developers gain a mobile SDK optimized for Swift, Apple’s programming language. It will be much easier to build iOS apps using Lightning.

* Apple unveils content on the Salesforce Trailhead website showing how to build iOS apps using SWIFT. A beginner’s trail is already available. Solution developers partner with business users to offer the best possible customer experiences.

These are exciting times for enterprise-scale transformation. Apple and Salesforce offer technology platforms that will be hard to beat given their reach.

Incremental solutions can be absorbed into these platforms or replaced altogether. The app marketplaces for Apple and Salesforce provide many copycat CRM-type apps which have to be commingled with other business apps to achieve workable solutions. By aligning these two heavyweight platforms, businesses benefit from a more stable development foundation to help build solutions that overcome data and organizational silos.

Here’s a good article highlighting an overall push towards platforms. The empire strikes back.


Looking forward to the release of an enterprise-friendly Salesforce mobile app early next year. Hopefully, Salesforce releases a customer success product, too. 😆