Bully Nation

The current wave of gun violence ends when the love for our children overwhelms our love for capitalism. The gaming industry, the tech industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the gun industry (the list goes on) hold our children, hostage, as kids struggle to become decent human beings.

When moral leadership (ie., from POTUS) disappears at the most opportune times, American society struggles to heal and recover. Common decency, compassionate parenting, and moral education are expected to come from parents as they filter out a harmful society. When the government doesn’t filter right from wrong by giving industries free reign, parents have to work extra hard to keep kids safe otherwise the worst of the litter, racist computer gamers under the influence of chemicals will run amok. Brains are being hardwired for violence irrespective of the parenting.

Why can’t industries be regulated much better to reduce the scourge of sick youth? It’s incredibly easy to trace troublemakers online. Why are we giving them (and their parents) free reign?

From a bigger picture, how do we restore empathy and rid this great nation of the bullies and toxic industries tormenting our children? The problem is much bigger than gun control.