Customer Retention 101: CS bakes and delivers the pizza

When the times are good, Customer Success (CS) focuses on delivering the pizza. When challenges surface, CS assembles and bakes the pizza according to individual order. Personalization drives the relationship. When no one orders pizza, CS helps marketing re-engage customers with coupons and discounts.

Customer Success gets involved in every part of the customer journey knowing the customer can churn at any time. As a customer for SaaS companies, I know who is proactive and making the effort to hold onto me. Even though I’m a tiny account for them, they know I can recommend them to someone who’ll buy a 100 pizzas every week.

The lack of personalization, the lack of discounts, slow delivery, and poor quality will contribute to my decision to move onto another pizza shop. Nobody wants a generic, chain store experience. The pizza world just like the SaaS world is over-saturated and nearly everyone offers the same thing. When they know me through the good and bad times, I know they care.

The best pizza shops value every customer. They know that ’service with a smile’ also requires ’going the extra mile.’ When I see Customer Success being pro-active and hands-on in making the sauce, I know that they are empowered to help me. I don’t want to leave because I’m being taken care of. Customers leave not because of the things you did really well. It’s what you didn’t do which someone else did in ‘going the extra mile.’ Knowing that is the secret of customer retention.