Customer Success for Survival

For the next year or so, survival is the primary objective for anyone in Customer Success. The Customer Success meetup founded in SF will continue virtually. Here are some quick takeaways from this months’ meetup (more in the recording). This meetup inspired my efforts with the ‘Customer Success for Good’ meetup and the CXPA.

1. Survey your customers about Covid-19 impact. Be empathetic, diagnose the pain and anticipate solutions for them.

2. Develop a roll forward plan for each key customer. Share with your executive team.

3. All hands on deck: Focus on long-term relationships with customers. If possible, help them achieve a better ROI with your product. Offer professional services and product gurus to enhance relationships and increase product adoption.

4. Offer re-onboarding for customers unhappy with the initial solution.

5. Speed matters. The location means little. Responsiveness is critical in making customers happy in a 24×7 virtual world.

6. Diversity matters. Hire those who’ve been underserved. My perspective is to be an ally and not keep hiring those who look like me.