Safety Cloud

Last month, Salesforce came up with a ticket/safety/security solution for in-person events. While I think the laws have gone too far shutting down the economy, this extra layer helps those with underlying health issues who need to attend large-scale events for their livelihood. It also frees up senior citizens to resume important life events.

I doubt this solution will be widely used in the immediate future. This is a tech solution that comes in handy again during an emergency. Major international events are happening in March like SXSW in Austin. These events will predicate the need for additional safety layers or confirm that enough safety layers exist for those wary or vulnerable.

Some countries still have stringent travel laws and may require adherence to Salesforce’s solution. I still like Salesforce taking a risk with this product. It’s too bad such a product didn’t exist a year ago. Hopefully, existing safety measures will carry us through this year. The customer experience surveys should be interesting for events with and without such protocols.