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Integrated medicine

MD Anderson (MDA) leaves no rocks unturned. Specialists study cancer full time and embrace mind-body connection when treating patients. MDA offers a world-class integrated medicine program which includes Eastern perspectives and teachings. The mind needs treatment just like the body. Talks by gurus like…

Good Friday

Houston is a decent city with lots to do. India, Japan, and BBQ on-demand…


I spent this past week at MD Anderson (MDA) with a close relative of mine. I was overwhelmed by the hospitality, professionalism, and organization of this great hospital. The journey ahead won’t be easy, but I feel confident that this is the best place…

Techstars Seattle

Geekwire article: Link “Seattle leaders have done a good job of saying, ‘we need to do stuff to make this city a great place to live for everyone and not just a great place to make money.’ I think that’s an underreported narrative about…

Seattle Freeze – 2/4/2019

First snowfall in 2019. Seattle is great, but maybe not for everyone: Link More than one thousand folks are moving here every week.

Vancouver – 11/24

Great city. Maybe pricier than SF!

The Art of Burning Man

Burning Man is a fancy version of Auroville. If you liked Burning Man, you will love Auroville.