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I spent this past week at MD Anderson (MDA) with a close relative of mine. I was overwhelmed by the hospitality, professionalism, and organization of this great hospital. The journey ahead won’t be easy, but I feel confident that this is the best place…

Techstars Seattle

Geekwire article: Link “Seattle leaders have done a good job of saying, ‘we need to do stuff to make this city a great place to live for everyone and not just a great place to make money.’ I think that’s an underreported narrative about…

Seattle Freeze – 2/4/2019

First snowfall in 2019. Seattle is great, but maybe not for everyone: Link More than one thousand folks are moving here every week.

Vancouver – 11/24

Great city. Maybe pricier than SF!

The Art of Burning Man

Burning Man is a fancy version of Auroville. If you liked Burning Man, you will love Auroville.


Paris Tennis in UK Tennis in Kensington (Camden Hill) Holland Germany Prague

Short journeys

I’ve taken many long trips to places like India, Japan, Europe, Canada and Singapore. Sometimes, I don’t remember much unless I re-visit old photo albums. Like Las Vegas, long trips are meant to be left behind — so what happens there stays there. The…