Consumerization of IT

Freshdesk has a unique business model. What if everyone bought software and received enough hand-holding to run a business or a department? Pre-built Freshdesk software is scalable, affordable and will help you Go Live faster than other products. You have bright, empathetic professionals willing to spend hours to make your Freshdesk launch successful. And the product is fun, almost like a game. It’s not that easy to install (as I’ve learned). But where else do you get support for free, even after your launch?

What if technology became so easy and cheap that anyone could develop and administer it? What if enterprise firms combined the BYOD model (bring your own device) with the BYOC model (bring your own cloud)? Could you achieve a frictionless user experience or would you be hacked to death? Most platforms talk to each other. Integrations have never been easier based on Freshdesk’s experience. Every app and every device seems connected. And nearly every human wants to be connected via social media.

It’s never been easier to do something great with technology. Write a blog like this one. Build a website using a tool like Wix. Implement support software or ITSM Service Desk software. Launch a call center overnight. How about charging for your weekly blog? Whether you are an entrepreneur or a senior executive, you’ll achieve your goals faster with the right pre-built technologies, without becoming dependent on consultants or kludgy contracts.

The easiest way to measure tech success in this world is proliferation. A good product is easy to adopt, adds immediate value and sells itself. What truly makes it special is the free tech support you get. Freshdesk is one of the few companies in the world going the distance for all customers.

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