CQ @ Mount Madonna

Technology has become a vehicle for economic progress. STEM education has opened careers for youth. The moonshot world imagined by Google X or Elon Musk moves closer to reality as our children grow by leaps and bounds. Nothing is impossible as they reach for the stars.

Speed, scale and connectivity have become education pillars which often overshadow the simpler attributes of life — like purpose, generosity and mindfulness. Brilliant minds may not grow wise. The world has become a transactional place which often values monetary rewards over all else. Educational systems have followed suit. Youth might only seek financial rewards and skip service-oriented careers. The deferred life plan becomes an attractive option and can turn artists into engineers.

The antithesis of a world obsessed with STEM education may be this program put together by Mount Madonna School and ServiceSpace. Compassion as a subject is barely taught anywhere. Children are being pushed towards a mechanized realm of instant gratification — creating a vacuum where purpose is lost easily, tempers flare and violence is pervasive. If we want our children to become mindful world-changers, we have to show them the way. The entire curriculum created by Mount Madonna School highlights an alternative way to raise our children. Looking forward to attending for the 2nd year in a row.

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Registration is open for this year’s program: Link