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Takeaways from DF 19

Salesforce is doing well as one of the safest platform bets for enterprise-scale companies. The CEO truly cares about making the world a better place. Dreamforce is not a safe place for the Dr. Evils of the world in their pursuit of growth at…

The Empty Chair

The empty chair mantra has caught on at many companies starting with Amazon. Jeff Bezos alludes to the customer who needs representation, so the idea is to keep an empty chair in every meeting. What if the empty chair also became a civic lesson…

11/12 CX for Social Impact

Great upcoming event by SF CXPA chapter and SF Tech4Good. Look forward to learning about the intersection of customer experience and Social Impact. Registration link

Companies that Care

Employee engagement is easier when volunteering is ingrained in the culture (and not a PR stunt). I’m inspired by CEOs who drive social impact. Here are some leading companies… Link

Faith-based Entrepreneurism

Pope Francis recently convened tech leaders to discuss something deeper than data. Link There’s something happening in the tech world which mirrors what’s happening in a world run by populists and strongmen. Bottom-line opportunism has overtaken the desire to make the world better for…

What Nonprofits Can Learn About CX From For-Profits

Excellent podcast with John Corrigan and Valerie Leonard, founder of Nonprofit Utopia. I’ll be highlighting social impact leaders who are using CX methods. The CXPA is co-hosting an event with Tech for Good on 11/12. Stay tuned.

I’ve been passionate about skills-based volunteering throughout my career. Seattle-based democracyLab plays match-maker with their solution to address social, economic, environmental and civic problems; a good place to post projects and volunteer your time. Link