Minto Pyramid Principle

Business communication is never easy. In the world of enterprise technology, it’s easy to get bogged down by observations and technical analysis. I like what Tomasz Tunguz has written here about the Minto Pyramid Principle (MPP). This is an outcome-based approach to problem-solving. This approach makes sense when you present to an executive audience. It shouldn’t take a long ‘documented’ journey to get your point across.


Playbooks based on this approach simplify communication.

‘Analysis paralysis’ is impossible to sustain in the short-lived cycles of the startup world. A ‘solution mindset’ through a playbook can help overcome the fog of thinking too much like an engineer. The fastest moving teams (link) rely on playbooks. Playbooks (link) help streamline communication between engineering and business (for internal and external customers).

More about MPP (Link)