Known issues and Health Dashboards

So much of our work is dependent on cloud services. Sometimes the cloud goes down or becomes dysfunctional. Threat monitoring is keeping everyone up at night.

Round-the-clock monitoring is required if you are dependent on one of the major services or maintain status on behalf of your customers & end users. Sometimes, the problem is not from the code you wrote.

Tracking and resolving outages is a key function of your customer success team. It’s also a good idea to maintain a list of known issues.

Here are some popular status dashboards:


Microsoft Office 365

AWS Service Health Dashboard

Atlassian (Jira, etc)

These are good cloud-based services with strong support models.

However, there is software already lurking out there which can disrupt your customer experience. The smart move is to move your users away from buggy or poorly-supported software such as  Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browsers (link).