Cleanweb Ideation@Google – 3/27/2017

Cleanweb is still alive. The concept of Cleanweb was introduced by Sunil Paul and Nick Allen. They organized the original hackathon back in 2011: Cleanweb Hackathon 2011

I was an attendee of the 2011 event. Success stories abound before and after that event. Large companies arose such as Tesla, Sunpower, Solarcity, Opower, and Silver Spring Networks. Major industries have embraced Green data centers and continue to integrate sustainability into their core operations. It has also become a ‘marketing must-have’ among major brands targeting conscientious customers. The conference organizer Sustainable Brands has expanded across the world. I’ve attended a couple of their programs.

After the initial Cleanweb event, I attended subsequent programs hosted by Cleanweb and Sustainable Silicon Valley. Not much has scaled from the Cleanweb hackathons since launching in San Francisco several years ago. The hoopla died over the years.  But the ideas have carried on.

In our current de-regulatory environment, it appears Cleantech and Cleanweb matter less to capital markets. There was momentum in the other direction (especially if Hillary Clinton won the presidency), but it looks like climate change policy is taking a back seat. Regardless, climate change will need to be addressed (link) as the world becomes less hospitable for future generations.

I’m still a believer of Cleanweb and will attend their event at Google today: Register

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