Daily Good: Secular Sabbath

Have we found the antidote for a busy life by embracing technologies and seeking new experiences? The millennial lifestyle has intertwined all human journeys — especially among older generations. Technology has become the drug of choice.

Instead of taking a sabbath, we soak up more and more. Oftentimes, our families and jobs depend on it. Home becomes the road. Big data creates more work and grabs our time. Busy work-weeks are compounded by hectic vacations. Technology keeps us wired 24×7, so we miss nothing — even if doing nothing is what the doctor ordered. A remedy for FOMO involves the simple act of turning off the phone. 

Saying “yes” (when “no” is appropriate) insinuates a mirage for bigger things. Success is ensured, perhaps at the cost of personal health. When conscience is lost, a mid-life heart attack can stop the poetry and quash the dreams.

Author Pico Iyer draws a fine line here in this Daily Good post: Link