Truth through Satire

There’s a nonstop struggle in Silicon Valley to find a balance between success, survival and enlightenment. Meditation centers and yoga retreats might outnumber startups and burger joints. Spiritual gurus in California are just as well-known as venture capitalists.

The most important thing is to keep learning and avoid getting jaded. A different type of learning happens in these retreats. The HBO comedy Silicon Valley trends closer to the truth than fiction. In this episode, personal development takes precedence as a means to build resilience and gain enlightenment. Spiritual journeys into the unknown have become the hip thing to do.

Some entrepreneurs retreat as a productivity hack. Others seek to detox from the 24×7 lifestyle. I’ve gone to a bunch of retreats including 1440 and Tassajara. These journeys can be fun, too. The hardest part is shutting down and soaking up the experience.

The world doesn’t want half-baked products from burnt-out engineers. It really needs fuller versions of ourselves after a retreat, so that we can get our groove back.