Building the Right Network

Good article here about segmenting your network based on the experiences of a hyper-focused entrepreneur.


Isa Watson runs an interesting startup which helps connect communities. I’m looking into it. There are tons of networking platforms out there such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Meetup. Lots of inefficiencies happen when building an online community. I agree with Isa’s categorization: advocates, helpers, and lurkers.

The key is to understand your network and cultivate as many advocates and helpers as possible. Some lurkers or “weak ties” can be converted into advocates and helpers, too. Reid Hoffman wrote about the diversity of weak ties in his epic book several years ago.

Some of my weak ties became my strongest advocates because I spent time helping them. It was clear that we needed each other. At the same time, I haven’t cultivated some relevant connections because of the lack of awareness and effort. My time-starved world makes it difficult. Today, these connections remain dormant in my network. At least half of my social media connections (personal and professional) could be removed, and there would be no impact. I keep many connections because they publish relevant content.

Building a useful network is not easy. Your mission will attract potential members to your tribe. Hard work ensures on-boarding and keeping them in your community.