My Hero

As I watch these presidential debates, as I attend more sporting events than I care about, and observe lucky folks dancing in the spotlight, I begin to look for answers within — knowing ordinary, everyday heroes have made a much bigger difference in my journey. I feel gratitude for the first responders who continue to save my family’s life without us ever knowing ’things’ happened, the government officials who cleared the path to my U.S. Citizenship when it seemed like a much bigger struggle prior to the 90s, the teachers & coaches who became like my parents, and the spiritual gurus who continue to uplift my life when my moral compass is challenged.

Many silent heroes keep my mind full of ideas with their books. I’ll never meet most of the authors whose books I’m greatly inspired by. Let’s not forget the American healthcare industry (for all its flaws) still gives me world-class doctors who take care of my family. They go above and beyond to extend life. Without my extraordinary parents, there would be no ordinary life, to begin with.

This song about gratitude by the Foo Fighters is just a reminder to return the favor. We all need to become ordinary, everyday heroes. There’s too much work to be done around me. It will happen without much social media hoopla. I will become my own hero by taking ownership and focusing on the right here, right now. Ultimately, someone will be thankful for this work.