Digital Nomadism

Companies like Airbnb, Uber, Tinder, and WeWork have really changed how techies work and socialize. As a result, there’s an explosive growth of digital nomads and experience-seeking junkies — many of whom are tech workers who’ve managed to have fun while earning a paycheck in far-flung places.

Will the insatiable desire for new travel experiences translate into more unique remote-working opportunities? These gigs offered by startups like WiFi Tribe look much more exciting than being moored to a dock at home.


Things built to last and meant to be sustainable are losing out to the ephemeral and the disposable. I like the idea of spending a year or two in Timbuktu, but not sure how one can grow by becoming a full-time carpetbagger. I ended my carpet-bagging days when I just couldn’t maintain my health and well-being.

I wonder if this trend will fade once the global economy cools down. I can’t imagine having to work while CouchSurfing. 🧐