Less Annoying CRM

I wonder if the future of SaaS software will bend towards helping local companies and college graduates. Globalization may be put on hold.

I know it doesn’t matter where the code was written, but I get comfort recommending customer success solutions which help folks stay employed in the US. I like Less Annoying CRM because it checks all the boxes and delivers high quality solutions (4.9/5 on G2). It was started by some kids @WashU (my alma mater) and it’s headquartered in St. Louis, which needs tech jobs more than Silicon Valley and Bangalore. Why not focus on buying SaaS products like this and help maintain local jobs? Tech localization is needed everywhere in the world. Shouldn’t we help neighbors and youth get better jobs?

Sophisticated SaaS development is at risk of automation or going offshore altogether similar to the manufacturing sector. It’s worth prioritizing SaaS software which creates local jobs and benefits the economy where you pay taxes. Until things level out with Covid-19, let’s be less annoying to our neighbors by buying from local SaaS companies.