Blueprint for Local Investing

Admittedly, I’ve always set my mind to be in another place. The world has always been my oyster. Until 2020, the “other” is what moved people, and especially young people. While I was growing up in central Texas, I’ve always thought about escaping to another world. Now, I find myself back home with my family.

The San Antonio Spurs have been my team since early childhood. David Robinson helmed an unstoppable team for nearly two decades. What’s remarkable is how much David Robinson gave back to San Antonio without chasing greener pastures or escaping to places where celebrity alone could have fueled the fire. Many pro athletes struggle once their career is over. David Robinson checked all the boxes and did all the right things by staying home. The world needs more of us to think ‘local’ and act locally. It’s something I’ve found hard to do.

Looking forward to hearing about how my childhood ‘hero’ David Robinson stayed home and made a lasting impact in Central Texas.