Peaceful Warriors?

I’m a fan of the Golden State Warriors and happy to see the dynasty they’ve created.

I had a chance to witness another dynasty arise from scratch: the San Antonio Spurs led by Coach Pop and David Robinson. Steve Kerr was part of that team, too.

As a fan of social activism in sports, I support engaged athletes who use their platform. However, I’m not sure if I support the vulgar methods to get the message out. David Robinson has successfully (and quietly) given back after retiring.


I don’t recall him swearing or cursing every time he stepped on a court. Very few pros in today’s sports follow a classy path. I hope the Warriors start to curse less and become better role models for youth.

I believe civic discourse should go beyond social media rants (i.e., from politicians, athletes, business people). It’s hard to make a difference in the world even if you are a celebrity. But, it can be done in the right way as David Robinson and other greats have shown.