The Work: Converting Passion Projects

Good Medium post:

“Notice the discrepancy between what you love and what you do, and get to work to improve the situation!”

It triggered me to ‘journal’ these thoughts…

I get asked career advice about doing what you love versus doing what you are good at. Given the scale of crises around the world and in our homes, it’s better to focus on the internal drivers which help run the household. Most people, such as first-responders, don’t get to pick their passions over saving lives. Finding your ‘why’ and defining the ‘what’ starts with meeting the needs in a household. Of course, it takes skill to meet the most basic needs at home. However, ‘passion projects’ should not be lost.

Doing the ‘work’ at this juncture in history means going back to the basics. Earning a paycheck outweighs spending time on less lucrative, but exciting hobbies. ‘Passion projects’ still flicker when I have time left at the end of the day. As my world finds its footing and critical needs get met, I spend more time addressing the gap between my passion projects and the ‘work’ I do.

I’ve never lost sight of my hobbies, and I can convert them into the kind of ‘work’ that marries my talent with what I love. The ‘work’ gets done by the expertise and skills I already have. The qualifications for my hobbies get cultivated by maintaining them as ‘passion projects.’ The key is to learn and become so good at hobbies that one gets paid. The ‘passion project’ eventually becomes the ‘work.’ One needs to make time for side hustles. New companies often get started this way. Many founders kept their ‘passion projects’ alive through good and bad times. Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do.