+62 Y/Y and +15 Y/Y

In an enterprise world seeking digital re-invention, Salesforce and New Relic (15 Y/Y) —- two companies I’m intimately familiar with —- are beating expectations. It’s not too surprising to see the impact of Salesforce’s recent acquisitions playing a considerable role in its current growth in areas beyond Sales, Service, and Marketing Cloud. Agile, API-based solutions such as Mulesoft offered by Salesforce drive major enterprise transformations. The Tableau acquisition adds to its Midas touch since predictive analytics powers businesses using Salesforce.


The complications of business and society moving in new directions demand solutions that are not cookie-cutter. Land and expand will always be the ultimate goal of customer success. Salesforce continues to scale at New Relic and add value to its end users leveraging Tableau and Mulesoft. In turn, New Relic can focus on getting its customers like Chegg (case study) to optimize its solutions instead of fixing internal IT issues.

Chegg makes the world a better place by expanding online education to millions of more kids thanks to these technologies. I’m proud to be in this ecosystem. The learning and technical career opportunities never seem to end at Salesforce and New Relic.