A’s Winning Again (but for how long?)

It’s great to have sports back. As of 8/8/2020, the Oakland A’s sit atop the American League standings in this COVID-shortened season. Moneyball continues this weekend as they beat up the Houston Astros. The book and the movie explain how this remarkable team outperforms every year without breaking the bank.

A’s win and still manage to stay lowest on the pay scale in terms of American League salary obligations. The hard part is winning championships with above-average talent, but this product is entertaining until the playoffs. Before Moneyball, the A’s won it all in 1989 with perennial All-Stars Mark McGwire, Dennis Eckersley, Rickey Henderson, Jose Canseco, and Dave Stewart.

Can the A’s win a championship this year before their young talent leaves for greener pastures next year?

This question extends to anyone running a business about dancing with the talent who brung you. The A’s cut bait (costs) every year before they even have a chance to ramp up. The big winners from this awful pandemic will hold onto talent and invest in the future.

Sports are a microcosm of society, and maybe the A’s can reinvent themselves during these difficult times and cultivate their immense talent. Why not start a dynasty now with this fantastic roster? It will be interesting to see if countries that are more favorable to their workforce (like Germany and Japan) end up outperforming countries that tend to be more narcissistic and short-sighted like the US and Brazil. I know tech companies don’t function like societies, but the ones who take a human-centered approach will be better prepared to withstand this new normal.