Certification Economy

The value of a college degree won’t go away. However, the cost doesn’t justify the outcome if one doesn’t get a well-branded degree these days. Academic Scott Galloway makes a living postulating the value of a college education and even has an index around which colleges will survive this apocalyptic moment. I believe technical certifications offer the greatest bang for the buck (link).

Some certifications are easier to achieve, like those offered by Salesforce. However, I believe more resources can go into bridging the gap between certifications and gaining real-world experience. I like the idea of a mass-scale software internship program for thousands of workers currently retraining via certifications versus seeking college degrees. The government should lead when the private sector steps back. I mention trailhead to every underemployed person I come across. The certification alone doesn’t ensure a paying job but increases employability. It’s better than toiling towards a generic college degree and amassing insurmountable debt.

Salesforce cert article