I thought the recently published self-help book Connect would outline business networking and technobabble in a post-Covid world. Instead, to my surprise, it focuses on personal growth and building exceptional relationships. It’s a hands-on treatise based on the academic work of Carole Robin and David Bradford, teaching business students and emerging entrepreneurs (Leaders in Tech) about how to improve communication skills at work and home.

The different relationship scenarios are commonplace: professional colleagues, between significant others, personal friendships, and between parents and their grown children. Everyone struggles with one or more of these scenarios. It is possible to stay on your side of the fence and nurture a better relationship through authenticity, empathy, better listening, and trustworthy advocacy.

The authors dive deep into skillful interpersonal development and share actual exercises from the courses they taught. Conflict resolution needs a playbook like this. Some relationships never get repaired, but most can overcome challenges by leveraging these insights. There are too many takeaways to give away here, as I learned there’s plenty for me to fix under my hood. Skip the therapist and buy this book. 🤣

The authors openly share their challenges working together as colleagues. This book served as a means for them to get over their conflict. Thanks to their generosity, this book helps the rest of us improve our real-world conversations and pursue exceptional relationships.