10% Happier Podcast

Dan Harris hosts an insightful podcast with author Leah Weiss


This one hit home because I was able to differentiate between anxiety, depression, and burnout. An overwhelming percentage of the general population falls into these buckets. Often, it’s hard to say no, to let go, or to take that well-deserved vacation when it may cost you a promotion. I liked the discussion about purpose and how purpose often comes at the expense of quality of life. Too much purpose can lead to workaholicism. I also learned the concept of ‘moral injury.’ At the other end of the spectrum is the anxiety borne of misalignment of personal values with one’s job.

We may bring our authentic selves to work and serve the customer well. Still, the moment we begin to experience a dissolution of our values instead of a corporate handshake, we encounter a moral injury, leading to burnout. The most inspiring people I know are CEOs and entrepreneurs who often embrace workaholicism and moral injury because that’s what it takes to become a successful businessperson. Nearly everyone started from the financial bottom. The absolute bottom comes from anxiety, depression, and burnout.

The biggest takeaway from this podcast: My health, my values, and my family/’tribe’ should strengthen as I pursue the altar of professional success. If not, then I’m stuck on the path to burnout.

It’s never too late to find something which brings about peace, love, and harmony. 😄