Front App and its Founders’ Journey

Front App founders Mathilde Collin and Laurent Perrin started their company in France, incubated it through San Francisco’s Y-Combinator, and scaled it globally against all odds. They overcame life & death challenges by relying on themselves through simplified routines, including a meditation practice (Inc article).

Self-awareness is something anyone can learn when the odds stack against you. It’s ok to be vulnerable and transparent when society tells you to do the opposite. The Inc article uncovers a rare journey that is now a well-known secret sauce for perseverance.

“…self-awareness means learning where to set boundaries, understanding what makes you anxious, knowing where you can always go for help, and rejecting the idea that you need to behave a certain way to be successful”

To learn more, I recommend Mathilde Collin’s recent podcast with entrepreneur Justin Kan: Podcast link