Nicholas Kristof (NYT Op-Ed)

Great piece. Is it possible for the world to reverse the clock and go back to the daily in-person conversations which built rapport, defused conflict, and ultimately erased hatred? Too much fluff carries weight on social media, thanks to the tech platforms. NYC witnessed a candidate for mayor with over two million Twitter followers (Yang) get trounced by one with over thirty-six thousand (Adams)?

The people who make the world a better place often do it the hard way like ex-cop Eric Adams —- one handshake at a time. With the light now visible as we pass through the dark Covid-19 tunnel, can the world turn off the noise from online chatter and embrace the music from human interactions? Is it possible to unplug from our devices to increase human understanding? There’s a lot of hate in the world because the tech industry has enabled it.

“You won’t get through to people until you’ve earned their trust,” Adam Grant added. “You’re not likely to earn their trust until you’ve met them face-to-face and listened to their stories.”