2021 – Year in Review on the court

I played too much tennis last year. I found out that I’m really good, but have the margin to get better. Here are some tennis resources if you are looking to get your game back.


UTR is a virtual league with events across the world. The rating system is somewhat ambiguous. They generously hand out a rating roughly one point higher than the USTA famed rating system. I’m not a 5.0 and most likely I’m not below 4.0.


I may be in the top 100 in Austin based on the popularity of Austin Tennis Net. Most great tennis players I know from the junior ranks dropped the sport after high school, so there are probably thousands of better players in Austin. They retired early and left the courts open for grunts like me.

The Ultimate Tennis League is another virtual league but has limited participation from casual players. I outperformed in this group, but not sure if I will ever join again. Perfect for a casual tennis player.

I like software and found the app called Tennis Rungs when I joined the Round Rock Tennis Association. The local ladder is decent and I’m playing well.

I hope this post will help if you are seeking tennis resources. I stopped playing after high school. Thanks to the pandemic lockdown I found an excuse to get back on the court again. đŸ˜‰