Freedom lost? (The Atlantic article)

Enes Kanter Freedom averaged over 10 points a game in the NBA. He spoke out about human rights abuses across the world. The commercial forces driving his paymasters in the NBA have decided his services are no longer needed.

Increasingly, it’s becoming dangerous to have an opinion in the world, especially if it’s amplified through celebrity and social media. This is why I refrain from social media participation apart from this obscure blog. There appears to be growing collusion between government officials and capitalists where dissenting voices get silenced.

Globalization still has unwritten rules. A zombie state of obsolescence is the best means to advance oneself professionally. The playbook for activists suggests just shutting up and playing a real game of poker instead of questioning authority or raising concerns. The human consciousness grows cold. Human rights and their proponents like Enes Kanter Freedom are getting ignored.

How do we help the oppressed around the world without rabble-rousing on social media? Is it risky to air dissent when the airwaves just cater to the demands of narcissistic businessmen and autocratic dictators? No one should be dismissed from their livelihood without proper review. I hope the NBA gives Enes another chance.

Great essay in The Atlantic by George Packer highlighting the tepid response to human rights abuses when money talks: Link