Thich Nhat Hanh quote

The great Buddhist teacher shares the meaning of sangha. I dedicate this quote to my uncle who recently passed away in Houston.

He was a connector, a community-builder, and a source of love & wisdom. Sangha was hard to find especially as an immigrant in rural Texas. He found a personal need for spiritual solace and filled the leadership gap to build a beautiful public temple in the Houston area. Thanks to his work, thousands of new friends were made, marriages happened, and spiritual paths grew. It continues today 40 years later.

My uncle will be missed. What I’ve learned from his legacy is that I need to do more to build sangha in this country.

Without sangha, there’s a lack of connection wherever you are. I believe the lack of neighborly sangha is contributing to America’s polarization. We can do better to create meaningful spaces for our families and friends.