The Storytellers, the Dreamers, and the Cause Fighters

The French philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville studied America nearly 200 years ago. The drama kings and queens of America to this day have evolved a culture that looks quite different after amassing astonishing diversity. The culture hasn’t changed in actuality. Americans continue to tell stories that unite, transform, and connect the planet.

The script often extols the lone-wolf pursuit of the American dream — often at another’s expense. The winner-take-all narrative is America’s strength and also the reason it’s so frowned upon by the rest of the world.

I spend my days thinking about solving problems. The retirement phase life will offer respite if there are fewer problems to solve. This is not the time to pack it in. It’s worrisome that America is founded on such drama, but this fuels the ethos of a broken world. This is what striving Americans think about at 3am. 😉