Faith-based Entrepreneurism

Pope Francis recently convened tech leaders to discuss something deeper than data.


There’s something happening in the tech world which mirrors what’s happening in a world run by populists and strongmen. Bottom-line opportunism has overtaken the desire to make the world better for our children. The lack of ”Faith” in something besides oneself is a problem. How can we shift this paradigm away from AI-based Darwinism?

In the past, I’ve volunteered for various nonprofits including Build is focused on imparting youth with a set of “Spark Skills.” I think these skills are universally accepted in the business world. One skill which could be added here is “Faith.” I think some kind of Faith gives youth a purpose which goes beyond pursuing a profitable venture and sustainable career.

Fortunately, the gap between Faith and business is being addressed. I believe Utah and its entrepreneurial culture benefits from its Faith-based way of life. While I’m not Mormon, I think there’s a lot to learn from how the youth in that culture manage to become entrepreneurs and good people in general.

I can see myself supporting someone like Mitt Romney to become President of the US. I believe Faith is missing in today’s business world and the wrong kind of people are getting anointed as leaders. We need to take a serious look at who’s running an org before becoming a customer or supporter. Are your values aligned with theirs? Some kind of Faith is needed so that we don’t get carried away by technology and capitalism.