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What the world needs now…

There’s a dearth of tough leaders who’ve overcome the culture of ‘Nice’ and can stand up against autocrats. Nice is complacent. Nice is kind. Nice wins spelling bees. Nice is vegan. Nice is book-smart. Nice is predictable. Nice is about the good things. Nice is good, but not great….

Right now

It’s easy to do just about anything. The smartphone experience has become a window into the human journey. Connecting with others has become a click on LinkedIn or Facebook. The news is news if it excites and spurs a reaction. The truth is lost…

People First 

A Cloud strategy is indispensable for most organizations. A Cloud First approach takes talent, action and adoption.  Half the world’s population depends on the Cloud today. The real challenge will be re-tooling the other half. A ‘People First’ strategy will drive results faster. And…

Future’s so bright

This was my song growing up. There will always be naysers and doomsdayers. And there are entrepreneurs. Make sure the fun never ends. Better days ahead.

Life is like a soundtrack I wrote to the beat

Song about everyday heroes

what makes the world tick..

Gotta get away