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Universal Family Care

Nearly everyone I know is tasked with caring for an elder family member. Hawaii and Washington have passed legislation to help their residents. This bipartisan concern deserves national attention. Link Not surprisingly, Japan leads the way in tech for eldercare.

Age of work peak? 60?

Interesting article by social scientist Arthur Brooks. Air traffic controllers are forced to retire at 56. In Japan, CEOs power through their 70s and 80s. I’ll never forget giving a tech demo to Yashiro-San who became CEO of Shinsei Bank at 71 and still serves as…


Japanese translation of “nostalgia”

Autumn Light

Currently reading this new book by Pico Iyer about his Japan musings, a country worth visiting if you haven’t been. This book is a well-crafted meditation on life, death, and mindful perseverance. Japan is well-chronicled in my blog. It’s interesting to see how much…

One-time meeting

Japanese hospitality is hard to forget. I have a strong sense of connection to Japan and go there more often than to my ancestral homeland India. Perhaps, omotenashi is traceable to the concept ichi-go ichi-e.

Radical healing

Shin-ichiro Terayama, a Japanese businessman, was profiled by the nonprofit ServiceSpace. Terayama-San survived cancer to become an advocate of healthy living. Interview link Medicine sometimes harms more than it heals. I’ve shifted towards yoga and a plant-based diet (although I still eat bad stuff)….

The melting pot of Japan?

I’m rooting for Naomi Osaka at the US Open. It would be great to see her win here and in Tokyo during the 2020 Olympics. Japan has been the the ultimate bastion of cultural and racial purity for too long. Osaka has probably spent…