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3 Sources of Happiness in 2020 (and beyond)

Japanese philosophy makes simplicity profound. Whether it involves work, family, or some ritual in one’s life, these three things create happiness for me: 1. Something to do 2. Something to love 3. Something to hope for The table stakes show that higher levels of…


The Japanese concept of ”amae” is not easily translatable. Entire books have been written about it. It can mean setting undefined expectations— where you expect others to understand what you think or what you want without stating the obvious. This is part of daily…

Where Brick and Mortar Thrives

My favorite record store in Austin closed 15 years ago. If I want the Tower Records experience I have to go overseas. When I visit Japan every couple of years or so, I can still drop by Tower Records in Shibuya and the Toys…

“Losing is winning”

It’s ok to lose some competitions. Every battle is not worth fighting for. I’ve seen a recent spate of successful people pass away well before their time, not from accidents, but from illnesses like cancer. Almost all were fierce competitors who led stressful lives….


A culture of empathy makes Japan a bit more frictionless than most countries. Omoiyari or empathy is a minimal expectation, not something which needs to be taught or enforced.


This Japanese expression meaning “one life, one encounter” is a favorite. Time flies, but memories can be made to last. Behavioral psychology points to the younger population choosing experiences over things. How do we keep up in the business world? I’ve learned that treating…

Saving High Speed Rail

If you are always on the go, yet like to connect with people the old fashioned way, trains offer serendipity through communal dining spaces. I’ve had cool experiences on trains across Japan, India, Canada, and Europe while making a few friends along the way….