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One-time meeting

Japanese hospitality is hard to forget. I have a strong sense of connection to Japan and go there more often than to my ancestral homeland India. Perhaps, omotenashi is traceable to the concept ichi-go ichi-e.

Radical healing

Shin-ichiro Terayama, a Japanese businessman, was profiled by the nonprofit ServiceSpace. Terayama-San survived cancer to become an advocate of healthy living. Interview link Medicine sometimes harms more than it heals. I’ve shifted towards yoga and a plant-based diet (although I still eat bad stuff)….

The melting pot of Japan?

I’m rooting for Naomi Osaka at the US Open. It would be great to see her win here and in Tokyo during the 2020 Olympics. Japan has been the the ultimate bastion of cultural and racial purity for too long. Osaka has probably spent…

Japanese-style support

Informal moai and formal collaboration methods help sustain societies. Individuals also live longer.


The Age of Data science

Every time I visit Japan, I learn something new. Japanese consumers quickly adopt the latest technologies. As a country, Japan actually lags behind in creating successful information technology companies. The lack of data scientists and software engineers impacts growth. Vast amounts of useful data…


A handful of companies like Muji exceed expectations by delivering on their brand’s impact-driven promise.  Patagonia also comes to mind. It’s good to see a Japanese company expand in this way and not by sheer force of commercialism. Masaaki Kanai