Is it possible for old-fashioned hospitality to stand out in the age of attention-seeking and crowd-following? How can small businesses survive if they don’t have the marketing mojo to draw the attention-seekers? 

Great customer service can also draw the crowd and drive growth. Everything is a numbers game. A small business can really stand out through Japanese-style Omotenashi. I’ve written about this concept derived from the legendary customer service one receives in Japan.

Kebab King is a hole-in-the-wall just a few blocks away from Dosa, one of my favorite SF dining spots. Dosa is where the local crowd usually goes for Indian food. 

Majid Hamid retired from a corporate career@Tyco and achieved his lifelong dream to run a restaurant in SF. 

My experience at Kebab King surpassed all expectations. The food was great and the service was tailormade. Although the crowd was sparse, Majid was personable and gave good assurance. 

Kebab King’s focus on customer service shows in nearly perfect Yelp reviews. Otherwise, I would not have made the trip. Good luck to Majid on his new adventure!